Mind Body Battalion Advanced Teacher Training©

The intention of this training is to offer an evolutionary understanding of yoga that helps seekers and teachers alike to reinvigorate their yoga practice and to embody a more authentic and inspired life. Our sessions meet approximately once monthly to allow for time to digest the inspired text and to process through the teaching concepts. This advanced study will urge you to research and integrate from as many concepts and creative ideas as you can, traditional and contemporary. We give resonance to something by making it our own. The continuation of yoga will be upheld by visionaries who keep it relevant.
*You may handpick topics as individual weekend intensives, or you can complete them all to acquire your YA 300 Hour Certification


I AM© Integrated Alignment Method

Integrate means to combine one thing with another so they they create a whole. By bringing different parts of the body into equal participation we have a more full-body experience. Add breath and attention to the mix and you’ve got one kick ass yoga practice happening. This method of movement allows us to strengthen our asana practice and create more progression, inspiration and sustainability.


Advanced Training Investment $3500