9:15 a.m. Barre – MBB Virtual Streaming Studio


4:30 p.m. I AM Vinyasa© – MBB Virtual Streaming Studio


7:30 am Align Flow – MBB Virtual Streaming Studio


9:00a.m. I AM Vinyasa© – in the park – $10 suggested donation via venmo @mindbodybattalion

Rhythmic Flow®

A fun, fresh take on asana, this class experience is guided by the boom of the beat and the pulse of breath, body movement. Breath, Movement and Music set the stage for a vinyasa flow experience that is not to be missed! Rhythmic flow aligns creative yoga sequences with the beat of the music, creating a dance-like yoga pose sequence. Experience and confidence in your practice are recommended, as this class can be slightly cardiovascular.



One on one classes are result oriented and awe inspiring. Whether you’re wanting to deepen your current practice, or heal from an injury or imbalance, the IAM (Integrated Alignment Method) will focus your attention on how your body moves and compensates and eventually stabilizes and mobilizes. To book a session please contact