I teach because I love watching the ah-ha moments.

About Sara

They’re life changing!

I’m dedicated to creating layers of freedom for my students with my authentic, educational style of teaching. I teach thoughtful and compassionate classes that will empower you to cultivate a sense of duty and destiny.

As Lead Inspirator for MIND.BODY.BATTALION, I work tirelessly to embody this brand and incorporate mindfulness, experience and compassion into my life.

Much of my inspiration comes from being a wife, a mother, a student, and a seeker of a more mindful and inspired human experience.

I began my teaching career in 2003 and have acquired thousands of hours of study and teaching under esteemed teachers in the yoga community.

The completion of my 500 Hour certification in 2014 was truly a catalyst in the development of the vision for this brand and the full embrace of who I am as a teacher and student.


About Mind. Body. Battalion.

Our battalion is made up of a group of individuals who have a common aim of utilizing our Minds: Our most powerful tool for transformation and our Bodies : The vehicle we’ve been given to create positive change in ourselves and those around us, to live our most inspired life. If you would like to join/ contribute please connect with us at sara@mindbodybattalion.com